Carlson Family

Leann's father's family has roots in Sweden.  My dad's parents were immigrants from Sweden in the early part of the 20th century.  Like many Swedes, they moved to Chicago and from there on to the midwest, namely South Dakota.  My father had a love of nature, as have many folks from Sweden,  and enjoyed hunting.  He died when I was 9 years old.
I have data that goes back to the 1700's on the ancestors in my Carlson lines.  Due to family that wishes to remain private, I have not published data to this website of the genealogy I know on this line.  There is much I can share privately.  Contact me if you wish to know more information.
  1. Bengt Arvidsson
  2. Anders Bengtsson
  3. Anders Andersson
  4. Karl Andersson
  5. Karl August Karlsson
  6. Olof Erland Carlson
  7. Stanley Herbert Carlson
  8. Leann Elva Carlson
  9. Christina Leanna McClain, Rebecca Joy McClain 
  10. Stephanie Renée Reitz, Mark Alan Reitz, Sydney Laine Burris, Olivia Quinn Osborne

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Halna Kyrka, Halna, Sweden
Church where my Great-grandparents Karlsson were members

Gärdslösa Kyrka, Gärdslosa, Sweden at Öland
Church where my grandmother Signe Angelina Johnson attended

Gärdslösa Kyrka Interior - June 2004
Church of my grandmother

Signe Angelina Johnson Carlson 1885-1930
My grandmother's confirmation, born Egby parish transferred to Gärdslösa parish

Per August Andersson & Amanda Carolina Jonasdotter
Signe Angelina's mother & step-father from Farm Tallen, Gärdslösa parish Sweden

Selma Albina Anderson 1894-1959, born Egby parish
Signe Angelina's half-sister, never married

Amanda Karolina Jonasdotter 1863-1928
My Great-Grandmother, born Egby, Öland, Sweden

Anna Stina Jonsdotter 1837-1895
Mother to Amanda Carolina, born Egby Kalmar, died Gärdslösa, Öland, Sweden married to Jonas Olofson



    Stanley H. Carlson, my dad                                                          Leann E. Carlson, me

Christina Leanna McClain Reitz, my eldest daughter

Rebecca Joy McClain, my youngest daughter

Our 5 grandchildren in 2016
Our blessings

This is the maternal side of my dad's family:

  1. Anna Stina Jonsdotter, 1837
  2. Amanda Carolina Jonasdotter, 1863
  3. Signe Angelina Johnson Anderson, 1885
  4. Stanley Herbert Carlson, 1916
  5. Leann Elva Carlson McClain, 1953
  6. Christina Leanna McClain Reitz, 1980 and Rebecca Joy McClain, 1984
  7. Stephanie Renée Reitz, 2004 and Mark Alan Reitz, 2006