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People often ask dimensions for each bed size. Here are basic mattress top sizes. If you want any kind of drop on the side you need to add the amount you want to hang over each edge to the dimensions given. Standard drop sizes vary but 7 inches is customary.

Twin 38x74
Twin XL 38x80
Full 54x74
Queen 60x80
King 76x80
California King 72x84

Custom memorial tee shirt/clothing quilt
"Bethany's Legacy" memorial quilt - custom quilting level 4 (each block different ) .10 per sq. in.
Custom embroidered label
"Bethany's Legacy" pieced back

Option 1 – tee shirt quilts:

A very rough estimate is $25 per shirt. You provide the shirts and tell me your layout and color preference and I do the rest.  I use quality stabilizer with tee shirts.  For an extra pop (eye candy) I can add quilt store fabric between the blocks with sashing and cornerstones, backing, and binding.  I will assemble it as you like and finish the quilt with batting, basic meander quilting, and hand binding.  Machine embroidered labels, embroidery panels, specialty thread, pantographs, borders, hanging sleeves, and other specialty items, are available upon request for an extra charge.  Reference the chart for details.  Custom quilting adds .02 -.12 per square inch based on complexity.

Number of shirts or

tee shirts

Design Layout

Final size



3x4 (12 – 16.5” blocks)

No sashing or cornerstones

With sashings

(with or without cornerstones)


Up to

 52” x 66”






4x5 (20 -16.5” blocks)

No sashing or cornerstones

With sashings

(with or without cornerstones)


Up to

 66” x 82.5”






4x6 (24 -16.5” blocks)

No sashing or cornerstones

With sashings

(with or without cornerstones)


Up to

 66” x 99”






5x6 (30 - 16.5” blocks)

No sashing or cornerstones

With sashings

(with or without cornerstones)


Up to

 82.5” x 99”





 Option 2 - Simple construction –

I charge $30 per hour + cost of materials for a basic simple quilt construction. A simple construction with basic design can take 10-15 hours or more depending upon how complex the piecing.
Following construction there is an additional quilting charge per square inch and charge varies by complexity of the design.

From scratch quilts:

Price includes:

       Artist’s design choice

       Simple construction (NO paper piecing or foundation piecing will be used)

       80% cotton/20% polyester Hobbs batting

       Quality quilting thread

       Quilting is an additional charge based upon complexity. Varies from .015 per square inch (basic meander) to .12 per square inch (heirloom)

You buy the quilt store fabric in the required yardages and will include fabric for backing and binding (fabric typically runs about $10-$15 per yard), I use batting and thread from my studio, and the artistic service to pull it all together in a design of my own choosing.  I will work from a pattern of the client’s choice if quite simple. Quilting is artistic and there are many variables and levels of intricacy involved.

For an extra $50 charge (this is a fee for my time) I will help you with coordination and selection of fabrics and I will help you with amount of yardages to complete the quilt based on size.  Price varies by type of quilting desired.
Simple meander or simple edge to edge is .02 per square inch.   Prices are by finished square inch size.  For embroidery, and for custom quilting there is an additional charge.  

 Option 3 – Life event and memory quilts:

Want to celebrate someone’s special day or preserve reminders of life events?  I can provide pre-cut muslin squares with instructions.  You then give the squares to people to create a personalized quilt square.  I take it from there.  You can preserve certain stages of a child or loved one’s life by having a quilt made from their clothing.  It’s fun for them to see their loved items reappear in a quilt.  Just bring your items to me and we will find a way to include it in the quilt.  By consultation only.  Pricing varies because of the hourly charge.

 Option 4 – Memorial quilts:

Memorial quilts are art quilts that are completely customized paths to comfort and provide peace and joy in the memories and moments contained in the quilt.  Many people use these quilts to memorialize a loved one who has passed on.  By using articles of clothing or other fabrics associated with the loved one, it completely transforms the quilt in something magical.  Each quilt is unique and reflects both the loved one being memorialized and the recipient of the quilt.  I try to gain understanding of both the person to whom the quilt is given and the person being remembered when I consult with you.  The result is a beautiful piece of fabric art which will be cherished and loved for years to come.

Memory Quilt with Custom level 4 quilting
"Forever In My Heart"

"Forever In My Heart" Memory Quilt Muslin Back
Ruler work mckenziebackimg_2734.jpg
Man's shirts memory quilt back, each block different .06 cents per inch

For a simple custom quilt built from scratch, you can get a rough idea the finished quilt may cost about 23 cents per square inch which includes very basic (.02 per square inch) meander or edge to edge quilting. Custom heirloom quilting will raise the price significantly.

Note: Standard Mattress Thickness Approximately 7".

Lap quilt / wall hanging
"All Things Texas" Custom construction and quilting (.04 sq. inch)
Custom graduation lap size quilt
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