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About Me
Mormor Sewing Studio is my business venture in an effort to share my love of quilting and embroidery with others who love fabric art.  I am Leann McClain, the face behind Mormor Sewing Studio.  I started my business in 2013 as a result of many years of sewing experience and enjoyment.  I purchased a longarm quilting machine and had requests to buy my machine embroidered and quilted items.  Mormor Sewing Studio is the result of more than 50 years sewing experience and a love of sewing that shows in my work.  Throughout the years I have done custom sewing for many brides and bridesmaids as well as designed my own and my family's clothing including men's suits and coats.  I have now decided to only do quilting and embroidery because I enjoy those things more.  

I use the top of the line longarm quilting machine, APQS's Millenium (also called Millie).  I prefer to call my machine Vallee, after my Mom's nickname that her dad gave her when a child.  My Mom loved my sewing and encouraged me from the age of 10 to sew.  I was also involved in 4-H for 9 years and entered and won many contests with that activity.  Quilting is a natural result of all those years of experience.

My quilting is not guided by computers, but all hand guided free motion.

My Mission

My mission is to have a creative outlet for my love of fabric and to share it with the client.  I began sewing at the age of 10, and then for other clients at the age of 18.  I have been sewing now for 53 years and my experience results in unique creations.  I will be using your ideas and mine as a springboard for the finished product.
In my consultation with you I try to learn about you and the person who will be the recipient of the finished quilt.  Your memory or tee shirt quilt will meet your expectations when we collaborate ideas.  I use the highest quality material in your quilt.
  • APQS Millenium, the top of the line longarm quilting machine
  • High quality thread from vendors such as Superior Threads
  • 80/20 Hobbs Heirloom batting, Oriental blend (bamboo, silk, & cotton) by Quilter's Dream, or 100% washable wool batting
  • Hand guided, custom designs, freehand, or pantograph designs - no computerized quilting
  • Threads cut, hand tied and buried within the batting
  • Finished quilt returned to you with batting and backing trimmed to 1/4 inch or your specifications

Contact me: I'd love your business!

Mormor Sewing Studio

My Company

I have been interested in starting my own business for quite some time and am excited to finally have reached that goal. Taking my business to the web makes the process even more exciting.

My Shop

My shop is located in lovely central Texas at my home.


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Mormor Sewing Studio - Owned and operated by Leann McClain
Business Phone: (979)242-5097 If no answer, please leave a message!
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