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Let us pause and reflect on the sacrifices of those gone before us.  It is for our freedom that we all must give of ourselves.  Freedom comes with great price.  Praise God we have men and women who give of themselves to fight the war on terrorism!
This page is dedicated to the people who have given their energy and their lives to protect and keep us safe.  God bless you all!


My impressions in the wake of the terrorist attacks on the

American people 

September 11, 2001

The Mark of the Target


Leann E. McClain


This sunny morning began like any other…

The cloudless horizon gave no impression of impending doom.

The busy streets went about their normal everyday routine.

The twin towers stood proudly unaware of the approaching veil of death.


The assassins boarded the plane like any other innocent passenger.

They glided through security as stealthily as a lion on the hunt.

The unassuming sheep destined for slaughter calmly went about the routine of the flight.

These sheep were yet unaware of the danger of the terrorists’ madness.


With calm determination these thieves of innocence took the knife.

These silent killers ready to inflict mass destruction took the knife.

The assassins on the hunt took the evil knife of murder,

Took the knife and thrust it into the unsuspecting victims.


The hurling planes now aim toward their intended target,

Targets like gentle sleeping giants upon the horizon.

Twin targets standing tall take the blow of the knife.

The contented lion devours its prey.


But wait.

There is yet more.

The five-sided figure unknowingly spreads open its belly to absorb the third knife.

What?  Not one or two, but still another slice of humanity.


There is no struggle.

There is no retaliation.

There is no fighting back.

There is only supreme shock and sorrow in the wake of destruction.


The fourth knife does not stab so easily.

There is a struggle before the flesh is ripped.

The lambs do not die before preventing the lion from devouring its intended prey.

They have protected our freedom, our leader, and our honor in their self-sacrifice.


In the pale rubble of destruction there is only disbelief.

The disbelief suppresses the sobs of thousands.

In this supreme sorrow there is a cold wake of understanding.

The gloomy aftermath brings anger to the masses.



No struggle?

No retaliation?

No fighting back?






Watch and wait.


Watch and wait.

The lambs will have gleaned an understanding.

The lambs will have learned cunning.

The lambs will have learned stealth.


The lambs will have learned to wait for the right time.

The American spirit will surprise even this evil monster.

The lambs will turn their innocence to wisdom.

Their wisdom gained through experience will make the lion enemy cower in fear.


The gentle Giant’s symbolic flag will wave on.

The broad stripes will become even broader.

The red blood on the white stripes will bring on gleaming white stars.

The stars will show determination in battle.


We will stand tall once again.

We will have new understanding.

Our newly found empathy will now give us a better weapon, the weapon of vision.

The enemy lion will be defeated.


With God’s help this country was founded.

With God’s help this country will remain free.

With God’s help we will castigate the evil lion.

With God’s help, evil will be repaid tenfold.


The lines of battle have been drawn.

We are in a war, a war against a powerful adversary.

The demons of this world are among us.

Now we are more aware than ever of our need to protect what is dear to us.


We will regain our composure and become stronger because of the experience.

God will lead us.

We need not fear.

God will guide us.


Lead us onward, Almighty God.


Copyright Leann McClain - September 12, 2001


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