Concordia Historical Institute Microfilm Scho-Schwartz,E

Transcribed by Gloria Dettleff - Copyright 2001
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NAME DOB Place of Birth DOD Place of Death Father Mother  NAME Spouse Marriage Date Marriage Location Comment NAME NAME Baptism Sponsors Record Type
SCHOCK, Amelia   ~1915 Yankton, SD     Unk Unk, Unk SCHOCK, Amelia SIMNING, Sylvester F.  6 Nov 1937 Yankton County, SD Wit. Olga PAULSEN & Renata REHWALDT SCHOCK, Amelia SCHOCK, Amelia   M
SCHOENFELDER, Adolph  5 Jan ???? Unk     Charles Unk, Unk SCHOENFELDER, Adolph Unk, Unk       SCHOENFELDER, Adolph SCHOENFELDER, Adolph Adult Baptism 31 Mar 1929 / no birth year listed B
SCHOENFELDER, Adolph Otto 18 Sep 1921 Yankton County, SD     Adolph MILLER, Ethel SCHOENFELDER, Adolph Otto Unk, Unk       SCHOENFELDER, Adolph Otto SCHOENFELDER, Adolph Otto  Congregtn-witness B
SCHOENFELDER, Frances May 18 Jul 1919 Yankton County, SD     Adolph MILLER, Ethel SCHOENFELDER, Frances May Unk, Unk       SCHOENFELDER, Frances May SCHOENFELDER, Frances May  Congregtn-witness B
SCHOENING, Dorothea ~ 13 Oct 1854 Unk 13 Mar 1937 Yankton County, SD Unk Unk, Unk SCHOENING, Dorothea JUNGERMAN, August Unk Unk   SCHOENING, Dorothea SCHOENING, Dorothea Died of old age D
SCHRAMM (Widower), Hugo   ~1864 Unk     Unk Unk, Unk SCHRAMM (Widower), Hugo MULNANSKI (Widow of MOLNER), Aloise 23 Dec 1902 Yankton Co., SD Wit. Julius SCHRAMM & Minna MÜLLER SCHRAMM (Widower), Hugo SCHRAMM (Widower), Hugo   M
SCHRAMM, Christine Wilhelmine 26 Mar 1896 Yankton County, SD     Hugo BAUMANN, Henriette SCHRAMM, Christine Wilhelmine Unk, Unk       SCHRAMM, Christine Wilhelmine SCHRAMM, Christine Wilhelmine Johann & Theresia BAUMANN B
SCHRAMM, Hugo   ~1864 Yankton County, SD     Unk Unk, Unk SCHRAMM, Hugo BAUMANN, Henriette 30 Oct 1892 Yankton County, SD Wit.JuliusSCHRAMM,H.RUDOLPH,CecilieSCHMUCK,M.RITZM SCHRAMM, Hugo SCHRAMM, Hugo   M
SCHRAMM, Johann Friedrich 23 Aug 1893 Yankton County, SD     Hugo BAUMANN, Henriette SCHRAMM, Johann Friedrich Unk, Unk       SCHRAMM, Johann Friedrich SCHRAMM, Johann Friedrich Julius SCHRAMM & Rosa FROHREICH B
SCHRAMM, Robert Hugo 16 Dec 1897 Yankton County, SD     Hugo BAUMANN, Henriette SCHRAMM, Robert Hugo Unk, Unk       SCHRAMM, Robert Hugo SCHRAMM, Robert Hugo Friedrich SCHRAMM & Alwina BOHLMANN B
SCHRAMM, Rosa   ~1869 Menani Koenigr Sachsen     Friedrich Unk, Unk SCHRAMM, Rosa FROHREICH, Herman 25 Feb 1889 Yankton County, SD Came from Martinus Church Oct 1919 SCHRAMM, Rosa SCHRAMM, Rosa Wed. Wit. Julius & Hugo SCHRAMM, Peter KAUFMANN M, Reg-R
SCHRAMM, Unnamed child 18 Mar 1901 Yankton County, SD 19 Mar 1901 Yankton County, SD Hugo BAUMANN, Henriette Wilhelmine SCHRAMM, Unnamed child None, None None     SCHRAMM, Unnamed child SCHRAMM, Unnamed child   D
SCHRÖTER, Sophie  2 Feb 1832 Meklenburg Schwevin Germany     Unk Unk, Unk SCHRÖTER, Sophie Unk, Unk       SCHRÖTER, Sophie SCHRÖTER, Sophie   Reg-W
SCHUETT, Mable   ~1917 Bloomfield, NE     Unk Unk, Unk SCHUETT, Mable MUELLER, Leonard M.  1 May 1936 Yankton County, SD Wit. Caroline SCHUETT, Carl GUSTAD (Volin) SCHUETT, Mable SCHUETT, Mable   M
SCHUHMACHER, Christoph   ~1880 Walworth County, SD     Unk Unk, Unk SCHUHMACHER, Christoph RATHKE, Helena 15 Jun 1904 Yankton Co., SD Wit. Joh & Helene FIEDLER, Joh& Mina RATHKE SCHUHMACHER, Christoph SCHUHMACHER, Christoph   M
SCHULER, Rudolph   ~1912 Skyberg, MN     Unk Unk, Unk SCHULER, Rudolph FLICEK, Mamie 28 Sep 1937 Yankton County, SD Wit. Mr. & Mrs. John SADENWASSER SCHULER, Rudolph SCHULER, Rudolph   M
SCHULTE, Marlys Jeannine 20 Dec 19xx Yankton County, SD     Leo BAES, Leona SCHULTE, Marlys Jeannine Unk, Unk       SCHULTE, Marlys Jeannine SCHULTE, Marlys Jeannine William & Edna TRIEBWASSER B
SCHULZ, Erna   ~1910 Wisner, NE     Unk Unk, Unk SCHULZ, Erna HELLER, Emil  2 Oct 1929 Yankton County, SD Wit.Otto STUEVE & Gertrude SCHULZ SCHULZ, Erna SCHULZ, Erna   M
SCHUMANN, Arthur Christian 12 Sep 1895 Yankton County, SD     Karl SONNEFELDT, Karoline SCHUMANN, Arthur Christian Unk, Unk       SCHUMANN, Arthur Christian SCHUMANN, Arthur Christian Christian & Anna MUELLER B
SCHUMANN, Karl Fr. Erwin 20 Mar 1891 Yankton County, SD 20 Mar 1891 Yankton County, SD Karl SONNEFELDT, Karoline SCHUMANN, Karl Fr. Erwin Unk, Unk       SCHUMANN, Karl Fr. Erwin SCHUMANN, Karl Fr. Erwin No sponsors, born dead B
SCHWARZ, Arthur Paul Johannes  6 Sep 1919 Yankton County, SD     Carl KOP, Emma SCHWARZ, Arthur Paul Johannes Unk, Unk       SCHWARZ, Arthur Paul Johannes SCHWARZ, Arthur Paul Johannes Paul, John & Pearl SCHWARZ B
SCHWARZ, Evelyn Nora 26 Aug 1918 Yankton County, SD     John GIGGER, Pearl SCHWARZ, Evelyn Nora Unk, Unk       SCHWARZ, Evelyn Nora SCHWARZ, Evelyn Nora Wihelmina SCHWARZ(Grandmother) & Julius SCHWARZ B
NAME DOB Place of Birth DOD Place of Death Father Mother  NAME Spouse Marriage Date Marriage Location Comment NAME NAME Baptism Sponsors Record Type

This database was created by extracting the data from Concordia Historical Institute's Microfilm #1828.  This microfilm contains the combined records of the Lutheran churches of Rosenberg, Walshtown and Yankton, South Dakota from approximately 1882 to 1937.  Marriages and deaths are all inclusive with births stopping at 31 Dec 1930.  These microfilmed records were compiled in a confusing manner making it difficult to always match a person to a church.   The Record Type is indicated with the following abbreviations:                      B = Birth/Baptism; C = Confirmation; Com = Communion; M = Marriage; D = Death/Burial; Reg = Family Register church unclear; Reg-R = Family Register Rosenberg;  Reg-W = Family Register Walshtown and  Reg-Y = Family Register Yankton.  The early records are written in 1800s script-style German, which presented a challenge for transcribing.  The records are transcribed "as-is" in the German spelling (Heinrich not Henry) and sometimes as a "best guess."   This database may not be reproduced in full or in part as a part of a for-profit publication.