Completed Quilt of Valor Projects



Quilted by Leann McClain, Mormor Sewing Studio
QOV pieced by Kathy Beavers, Beaumont, TX
Beavers QOV back
Quilted by Leann McClain
QOV pieced by Kathy Beavers, Beaumont, TX
BEAVERS QOVimg_2755.jpg
Quilted by Mormor Sewing Studio, Leann McClain

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Quilts of Valor

Valor 1 by Nancy Kemp

Valor 2 by Peggy McKay

Valor 3 by Leann McClain

Valor 4 by Marcia Ashline

Valor 5 by Phil Sandifer

Valor 6 by Francie Baxter

Valor 7 by Christina Reitz and Leann McClain

Valor 8 by Ann Sims

Valor 9 by Kathy Beavers

Valor 10 by Irene Murrell

Valor 11 by Sheryl Horan

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